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Changing transparency and fading of object fading?

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Hey there!

I wonder if AC has an out-of-the-box way to change the transparency of objects? I searched a while, but didn't find anything. Is it possible to fade in/out objects? A workaround could be to create a Menu which only contains a graphic, because menus can be faded. But that's a rather ugly solution :)

I want to link the visibility of an object to an ariable (e.g. 0 = invisible, 5 = half transparent, 10 = fully visible) so depending on player interactions, objects get visible or disappear slowly.



  • Changing the transparency of an object is a very complex issue, because it involves things like shaders, materials etc, and there isn't a "standard" way of doing it that can fit in an AC Action.

    You could try using the Object: Change material Action to switch to a transparent material.  Failing that, a custom Action would do it.
  • Thx, Chris! Tried it and it seems to work fine. So if I want to have 10 transparency levels, I have to create 10 materials and swap them using the "object - change material" action? Sounds ok for me :) Btw, what does the "Material index" slider do? Tried to google it but without useful results so far. Thx!
  • You can have multiple materials on the same model / skinned mesh renderer.  The index (starting from zero) refers to which number material slot you want to affect.
  • Ah, thx!
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