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Global Var Link to Options Data - Reset when setting back to "none"?

Hi there!
I set a global var to "Link to - OptionsData", played around a bit and then set it back to "Link to - None" again. But everytime I started the game, the global variable was overwritten by the saved value. When the game was running, "Persistent Engine - Options (Script) - Linked Variables" still showed the value of the Global Var. I had to reset my options data to get this solved.

Wouldn't it make sense to reset the data of global vars when "Link to - None" is set again?


  • I don't see the harm of it being present in the options data until you reset - it won't affect the linked variable, and automatically resetting options data might annoy some users.
  • In my case, it took a while to figure out why the (formerly linked to options) global var changed everytime i started the game. I simply forgot about it because a few days passed since I linked and unlinked the var. But now I'm aware and it shouldn't be a problem anymore :)

    Another question: Is this, placed in a Custom Action, the right function for resetting the PlayerPrefs ingame?
    public static void DeleteAll();

  • No - that doesn't mean anything.  You can't declare a function and run in at the same time.

    This isn't a scripting guide forum, but this would probably do it:

    PlayerPrefs.DeleteKey (ppKey);
    AC.KickStarter.options.SendMessage ("Awake");
  • Ok, I see. Thanks!
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