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Changing volume of sound/music during gameplay?

Hi there! 
Is it possible to change the volume of sounds during gameplay? I'd like to lower atmo sounds when the music is playing and play around with changing sound volumes during gameplay in general. 


  • It's not possible without custom scripting, but that's a good suggestion, and I'll look into it for an official Action
  • Thumbs up to this idea, it would come handy.
    Also @ChrisIceBox, since you're gonna be looking into this, maybe consider changing the name of the Sound actions category from "Play Sound" to just "Sound"? I think it would make more sense. 
  • Agree! Feature Creep incoming: Whats about an audio-ducking function  which lowers BGM as soon as dialogue runs? Important: Settings for fade in and fade out times and values. For example, did you play the Duck Tales Remake? They got the audio-ducking (no pun intended) times annoyingly wrong.
  • AGS had a similar feature, as I remember.  I'll think about it.

    I agree that the "Engine" category of Actions is getting quite cluttered now. It would be useful to split them up into "ActionList" and "Sound" categories - but I'm not sure if existing ActionLists would update properly.
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