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"Close interactions with: Cursor Leaves Menus" has different behaviour

edited February 2015 in Engine development
(This is using 2D, in Unity 5f1)

This might be a bug, I'm not sure.

In the settings manager, under Interface settings, Close Interactions with: Cursor Leaves Menus appears to have a different behaviour than described. For me my interaction menu doesn't close when the mouse leaves the menu, it closes when the mouse leaves the hotspot, as illustrated in the gif below.

The behaviour is the same using Unity UI or AC's menu system. Using Click Off Menu to close the menu works as intended, it's enough to click outside the menu, I don't have to click outside the hotspot for it to work.



  • That's the intended result.  "Cursor Leave Menus" might be a little misleading on reflection, but it's made with the assumption that the Menu may often be larger than the Hotspot, in which case you want the Menu to remain open if the cursor has left the Hotspot but not the Menu.

    The menu will close if it leaves BOTH the Hotspot and the Menu.  But I do agree it's a problem in this case, and I will consider it in an update.
  • Thanks for the info, Chris. Yeah, normally one won't have as big a hotspot as the one I have in this scene, but yes in this particular case the result gets a bit odd!
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