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Version 1.42 - Music "stutters" when a new scene starts

(copied it out of the original discussion for the sake of overview)

I have a music file (.ogg) which is played across scenes. But every time the
scenes are changed in game, the music stutters a bit at the start of the next scene.

Issue occurs since I upgraded to AC 1.42 and Unity 4.6.2.


  • Will investigate, thanks for posting.
  • I have the same but I am sure that a Chris working on that right now ;)
  • Issue still occurs in AC Version 1.42a
  • yup , in my game too  ,   We should wait a lite longer to ultimate fix  , by patient ;)
  • It was fixed, as far as I was aware.  The "stutter" I was hearing was a result of it fading in when the scene changes.

    You'll have to give some more info than that.  Does it occur with mp3?  Stutter in what way (rewinds / repeats?)  Have you attached the RememberSound script to it?
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    No, I didn't try it with mp3 so far. You could test it directly in the game, should take just 1 minute:

    - hit start
    - click at the empty chair
    - spam left mouse button while cutscene :)
    - after the professor-npc leaves the room through the left door, the scene changes
    -> you hear the stuttering directly at the scene change
  • My gut feetling is that this is more of a Unity issue than an AC one.  AC doesn't "do anything" to the music during scene transitions beyond allow the gameobject itself to survive.  A search of the Unity forums brought up reports of similar issues from general Unity users.  Not sure what to suggest.
  • So Unity 4.6.2 broke it? Damn :(
  • I played around a bit and uninstalled Unity 4.6.2 and installed Unity 4.6.1 again. Suddenly it was possible to install AC 1.42a through the Asset Store with Unity Version 4.6.2. To downgrade the project to AC 1.41b again, I used a package made out of an empty AC 1.41b project. I had to delete a few new 1.42 classes manually and now everything seems to run perfectly.

    Here's my findings (Im working on Windows 7 64 Bit):

    Unity 4.6.1 + AC 1.42a: Music was stuttering
    Unity 4.6.1 + AC 1.41b: Music was not stuttering

    Unity 4.6.2 + AC 1.42a: Music was stuttering
    Unity 4.6.2 + AC 1.41b: Music was not stuttering

    So I will continue to work on my project with the downgraded 1.41b Version in Unity 4.6.2.
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    With the number of fixed 1.42 brought, downgrading isn't a good solution.  If you found 1.41 solves the issue, then my assumption that it was down to Unity must be wrong.  I will continue to investigate.

    EDIT: Fixed in 1.42b.  From now on, if you want music to carry over between scenes, it's advised to give it both the RememberSound and RememberTransform scripts (with the latter having "Save scene presence?" checked).
  • Just a guess: Could it be that the scene transition takes longer/slows down performance with AC 1.42? I'm not 100% sure, but I think also the fade-in at scene start stutters a bit. So maybe it's not a sound issue, but a performance issue at scene changes, which affects the sound?
  • Fix verified in AC Version 1.42b! Awesome, thanks Chris!!!
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