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Missing Speech audio clips report?

Is there a quick and easy way I can see what text tags might be missing their corresponding speech audio clips?

E.g. in the Speech Manager where I can see all the speech in a scene, it'd be great if at the end of each line there was something like a Play button, which would play the corresponding Speech audio clip or it would be grayed out if no speech file can be found for the given text tag

Is there anything like that currently in the engine?


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    I hacked SpeechManager.cs a little bit to get some quick results on this. Not quite what I was describing above, but at least it gives me what I need for now (a list of lines that don't have a speech clip associated with them)

    If anyone else is interested here's the code:

                if (GUILayout.Button("Check for Missing Speech Clips", EditorStyles.miniButtonMid))
                    foreach (var line in lines)
                        if (line.textType == AC_TextType.Speech)
                            string[] line_audio_file_path = AssetDatabase.FindAssets(line.owner + line.lineID);

                            if (line_audio_file_path.Length == 0)
                                Debug.LogWarning("Missing Speech Audio Clip for Line: \n" + line.Print() + "\n");

    Add this in SpeechManager.cs line 193 and it will create a button in the speech manager that, when clicked, will output the relevant lines in the console.
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