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Vertexlit specular shader conflict with higlight script

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Hi :) I'm using as a vertexlit specular shader wich uses alpha channel to fake specularity...when I use the higlight script on the objects with this shader Is like the script doesn't affect at all the material...why?



  • I'm afraid I don't know the answer to that - I don't know shader code at all.

    However, you can get the intended highlight amount from the Highlight script and use it in your own script.  Enter this code into a C script attached to the same object as the Highlight component:

    float highlightAmount;
    void Update ()
      highlightAmount = this.GetComponent <Highlight>().GetHighlightAlpha ();

    The "highlightAmount" float will be set to 0 when unlit, and 1 when highlighted, which you can use to light your object indirectly.
  • I guess I'm doing something wrong :/

    I have to leave the higlight script to on the object and add this or I have to put just the new script?

    is this code right?


  • Get rid of the Start function and that's right.  You'll need to find a way to link the highlightAmount float to your shader's brightness your own way, though (since that kind of thing will be specific to your game)
  • The higlight script doesn't work with the native mobile unity shader either...:(
  • edited May 2014
    The Highlight script changes the colour of it's object's materials.  To improve performance, Unity's mobile shader doesn't have a colour field like the "regular" one does.  Because every shader is different, it's impossible to write a "Highlight" script that just works for any shader - you literally can't brighten the mobile shader.
  • yeah I tought so...they don't have the color field...and what if I post here a shader and u put me in the right direction to make the higlight script to works? :)
  • Not me, I'm afraid - you'd have a better chance on either the "Extending the Editor" forum or even Google.  Shader scripts are a foreign language to me.
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