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Does anyone know any way of displaying a score in game that can be added to and subtracted to by completing certain actions?

I would probably just display it in a text string.

For example, 'Pickup Coin' results in 'Score +1'.

The score displayed on screen then changes from Score:0 to Score:1.

Thanks, any help would be greatly appreciated as I'm having trouble getting this implemented.


  • Yes, this is quite simple with the use of tokens.

    When you create a Variable, a Replacement token will be listed in it's properties box.  It'll look something like [var:2].  If you place that in a Menu Label, then it will be replaced by the Variable's value when your game runs.

    So label text in the Menu Manager:
    Score: [var:2] points

    Would be converted to:
    Score: 40 points

    You can then use the Variable: Set Action whenever you want the score to change.  If your variable is an integer or float, you can increase by a set amount.
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