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Problems with triggers

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I have two closely related problems regarding triggers and I need to know if they're limitations in the engine, or have I just not found the correct way to do them. All help is appreciated.

Problem 1: Stopping the player character at a trigger
First off, I thought this would be a fairly straight forward thing to do, but as it turned out I can't do it exactly as I'd like to. Here's the situation: My character is moving from point A to point B and there is a trigger in between the two points. I'd like to pause the movement until all the triggers actions are finished (or just end the movement altogether), but he just keeps moving until he reaches point B. One "solution" I found was to make the character face another object, but that isn't an ideal solution. Pausing the gameplay doesn't work, constraining the player only makes him move indefinitely... Making a custom action seems to be only the way to go, but is there a ready solution for this?

Problem 2: Action happens when it shouldn't
Same situation as before, but point B is a hotspot that I want to examine. As I understand, crossing a trigger should override player actions, but it doesn't happen in this case. I tell the character to examine point B (move to marker, play speech...) and when he hits the trigger, he turns to face an object as he should (to make him stop, like I described), but the dialogue starts even though the character hasn't reached the destination marker. This isn't limited to only the "play speech" action, it seems to happen with most of them (except starting a conversation for some reason). Also whether the action is run in the background or not doesn't affect the problem. I have a feeling this is a related to the engine logic, but some confirmation would be nice.

So to sum up: I want my character to stop when hitting a trigger, whether he is just moving from point to point or trying to interact with a hotspot.


  • I also have seen this or a similar situation were the player or an NPC eventhough has reached the trigger and should stop it keeps moving the legs as if he is walking but stays on the same spot. Strange thing is that other times he stops at the correct marker.
  • To stop the player from moving, use the Character: Move along path Action and check Stop moving.  If you tell the Player to move to the Hotspot by setting the Hotspot's Player action to "Walk to marker" (as opposed to using the Character: Move to point Action in it's associated Interaction), then stopping the Player should also cancel the Interaction.
  • Thanks a bunch for the quick reply. I'll be sure to check these out on Monday at work. Hopefully I'll get things sorted out, though I'll be sure to ask again if something doesn't work.
  • Thanks Chris
  • Ok, I've tested your instructions and I have good news and bad news.

    Good news: the player stops like it should now. Move along path and Stop moving did the trick just like you said Chris.

    Bad news: the interactions still happen even though the player stops.
    This is a screenshot from a quick mock-up scene I made to demonstrate the problem. The trigger in the middle stops the player just like it should (Move along path & Pause game), but the interactions don't get cancelled by the trigger. I also tested the issue in the Basement demo scene just to be sure it's not due to something I did, but it keeps happening even there. Any ideas what's this about? (I also updated my Adventure Creator to the latest version, but that didn't help either)
  • OK.  Fixed for 1.33.
  • Thanks a bunch! I'll be looking forward to the next release then.
  • It's out!
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