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Inventory Icons problem

edited May 2014 in Technical Q&A
Hi all :) I have choose hotspot then interaction as method...the problem is when I click on a hotspot and I have the usable item on that hotspot in the inventory near the Icons (look etc.etc.) I have the image of the inventory item that should be used on the hotspot...I prefer if the player have actually to choose from the inventory without the item interested is visibile near the use,look,interact I missing something?

Plus I would like to know how use one item directly from the inventory. For example a piece of paper to just read after the player took it.

Any help will be great! ty :)


  • In the Settings Manager, look for the Inventory settings and set your Inventory interactions to "Single", and they'll act as they do in Context Sensitive-mode (like the 3D demo).

    You'll also need to remove the Inventory Box from the Interaction menu, to stop available inventory options from showing there.
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