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BUG: game stops compiling after playmaker is removed


I had imported playmaker into a project and added the PlayMakerIsPresent thing, tested it for a bit and decided it wasn't useful for me in this project so I removed it again. But after that an AC script keeps throwing the error that Using HutongGames does not exist anymore and thus it can't compile. The-if statement it is contained in in order to prevent that seems to not work anymore.So then I had to remove all the AC scripts referencing playmaker in order for the game to compile again (and my custom unity layout to not crash anymore).

It's not a pressing problem for me since playmaker is purged from my project now but it seems like something that should be doable without Unity crashing?


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    Did you remove the PlayMakerIsPresent preprocessor as well?  That's used by AC to know "it's safe" to reference HutongGames scripts.
  • I did yeah, I figured that would tell it to stop expecting Playmaker but it still throws the error after that.
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