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Time Mechanic (e.g. Gods Will Be Watching)

I'm working on a new project and was wondering if there is any way to include a time mechanic on interactions? Specifically advancing time in intervals after actions are completed. So time is a scale that starts at 0 and when it reaches 10 the game ends (or a new scene loads) and every interaction used advances time by 1.

Is this possible to achieve using adventure creator or does anyone have any tips on how to implement something like this?



  • Use variables time+1 and set time 0 in a loop so then you can use if variable=x do something
  • The "Engine: Change timescale" Action can be used to change game speed (though you'll have to edit the ActionTimescale.cs file to increase the slider's max limit to 10).

    Create a Cutscene that's set to "Run In Background".  Create a sequence of Engine: Pause game Actions and Engine: Timescale Actions to increase the game's speed over time.
  • Thanks for the replies. tinchopunk, I will have to look into that, sounds like a good way to get started.

    ChrisIceBox, sorry I think the use of the word time in my post is a bit misleading. I don't necessarily want to change game speed. Rather create a meter in game that advances after every interaction and once the meter is full, end scene. It would essentially be an InteractionCounter but only for certain interactions that I appropriate. I mentioned time as that's how it is displayed to the player in game, in the form of a clock.
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