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[Forum] Missing favicon?

This is a very minor issue, and it is about the forum, but has the favicon for the forums gone missing? There used to be one (the Vanilla forum default one?), and it missing has caused my bookmark for the forums to display the gmail icon instead, and since I have the bookmark as icons only in the bookmark bar, and no text, it gets very confusing.

No biggie of course :)


  • A security update came out a short while ago, which seemed to make things worse unfortunately.  I fixed things as I saw them, but I missed the favicon.  Will see if it's still backed up.
  • Yes I've noticed the layout has changed somewhat. At first I thought the stylesheet was having trouble but I guess this is Vanilla's new design?
  • edited November 2014
    Looks like the edit post button is gone too?

    [EDIT] Oh wait I see, it's limited to one hour now.
  • Yep... I missed it too... it's a pity, I'm an "Edit" junkie xDDDD

    Everytime I read my last messages I find more and more typos :P
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