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Video show for Unity free version!!!. possible?

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Actually I need to show Intro video and some video into the game (2D scale).My question is:

Unity free version doesn't support video playback, Isn't any way for show it? or any trick? 



  • Best way would be to output your sequence of frames as a numbered sequence and make them into an animation. Just as you would any chraracter sprite.

    If you need to have a soundtrack then you'll need to build/rebuild that separately.

    This isn't much good for very long or very high res videos but it will do in a pinch.
  • Thanks Xidore
    That's good idea.But with this method, game go to the large size.You suppose I make a video as 60 sec and size of 1280x720 . I get a really huge size . doesn't it?
  • You could try to recreate it as a cut-scene, but clearly, that's only if your video features in-game assets.
  • Yes that does go huge, but do you really need the video portion to be in 720 HD?

    VHS managed quite well with 240/250 lines :)

    You can probably get away with reducing the frame rate to about 20

    You can also pull the cheat for fitting widescreen in a less wide space for 'anamorphic'. I suggest you try squashing each frame down to 512x256.

    That has a ratio of 2:1 but to get it into a 16:9 shape (and if you like precisely 1280x720) all you need to do is scale the resulting sprite at 2.5 by the x length and 2.8125 by the y height.

    See this 25 second example I made from an old video project.(import the asset folder into a blank 2D standard project and it should work)

    As you can see its 3x 4096 sprite sheets and I've taken frames away which were pauses and stretched them in the animation timeline (this of course only works if you have such pauses but anything which saves frames helps). I used JPEGs to save space to send but that wouldn't help the build size so you'd be better off with PNGs. Of course you could increase the resolution and use a few more sheets to gain quality.

    It's not HD pretty but it CAN be done. Otherwise you have to pay for pro.

    One upside to this method is that it should not need iOS to go fullscreen video because its not video.
  • Great
    Thanks Xidore for very nice trick and example.Actually i don't need 1280X720 . I only want play my animations with acceptable show .My main problem is in number of animations.I have many demo into the game and I'm worry for size of game.Even if I use sprite sheet for show them. 
  • In what software have you developed the animations?

    @David is right to suggest cut-scenes.

    I have done that myself where I used a loop of the sea moving and then have objects move about in the Unity scene with their own smaller animations. It would definitely be in your interests to 'composite' or construct all your animations in Unity rather than before-hand.
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    It's depend to my work but most of times I use Flash

  • If you usually use Flash then I recommend getting the animations produced in Unity. It's totally the right way to do it.

    Did you catch this Unite bit on 2D best practice? 

    Once you get used to animating in Unity and setting your events in AC cut-scenes you will really find it satisfying. It will utterly remove the need to do any video at all.
  • Sorry but I do my animations as complete hand drawing method. I don't use any cut-out or bones or similar way.Please see my official website and play some animations:


  • From looking at a couple of your animations I still see that there are definitely elements you could break down and use as sprites in Unity.

    Your characters could still be hand drawn sprites, but using layers in scenes just as you would in any game scene.

    Of course it's your choice but it will definitely save space in the long run.
  • Thanks a lot Xidore for your suggestion. I'm sure your answers is great. I have to test sprite sheet and many another way or even use another assets as cut scenes for get best result and of course lower size.


  • You shoudn't need any other assets to make your cut-scenes. Adventure Creator has sufficient ability with Unity to do this without anything other than your own art/animations and sounds.
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