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Input controllers choice

edited May 2014 in Technical Q&A
I read the part of the manual that talks about the input controllers. 
I've seen that there is the possibility to choose between point and click (mouse) controls and direct controls (keybard and gamepad) - (cool!).
But my question is: is there a way to let the players choose their  favourite controls between keyboard and gamepad at main screen (or anywhere else)?
In other word can both mouse and keyboard be implemented  alongside together in a game porject?


  • You can't change "Mouse and Keyboard" to "Keyboard Or Controller" mid-game natively, but you can allow for both Keyboard and Controller by defining Input Axis for both in the Input Manager.

    To change control-style mid-game, you'd have to write a custom script to change the value of the Settings Manager's "Input method" value.  First make a Bool variable in the Variables Manager called UseController, and link it to Options Data.

    Change input to Controller when it's true, and Mouse when it's false.  This tutorial goes over how to read variables in script.  You can change the Input Method with this code:

    AdvGame.GetReferences ().settingsManager.inputMethod = InputMethod.MouseAndKeyboard;
    AdvGame.GetReferences ().settingsManager.inputMethod = InputMethod.KeyboardOrController;

  • Great! Thank you for the support; I'll let you know if I manage to get it work
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