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Integrating third party assets as mini-games into AC

I have a few third party assets e.g the wyrmtale puzzle pack
How can I best integrate this into AC? I was hoping to activate the puzzle from within the scene. Is it better to simply put it in a seperate scene and switch off some parts of AC and then feed the win result into a playerPref read by AC then when the mini-game scene closes switch all AC back on and update changed variables from playerprefs?

Or is there a suggested method? What AC systems would need closing down?

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.


  • There's not really a set list of rules as to which systems need to be disabled - it's totally dependent on the asset in question.  I'd suggest you start by disabling as many systems as you can, getting the mini-game to work, and then reduce the number of systems disabled.

    As for transferring the win state, I'd recommend creating an AC Variable for it, and writing to it through script.  Tutorial here.
  • Thanks, Chris, much appreciated. I'll start tinkering this weekend.
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