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Player no longer moving along y axis

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I'm not sure how this happened exactly, but my player seems to be stuck at a Y of 0 and can't move vertically along the Y axis.

I have a movement method of First Person with input method of Touch Screen and I'm using selecting hotspots to move the player to markers at those hotspots. Touch-drag affects Rotation. My player prefab has Ignore gravity checked so that the player should just float from marker to marker.

The hotspots have walk-to-markers set, which correctly moves the player. It's just that the player does not also move along the Y, only X and Z. Anyone have any ideas? I feel like I'm missing a setting somewhere and I can't remember where...


  • Progress! I believe it's due to the fact that when moving to a marker, BuildNavPath in Paths sets affectY to false. 

    Is this a new change? And why is this exactly? The Player prefab has Override gravity checked, shouldn't it stay that way? Why is it getting disabled automatically?
  • The affectY bool is for special cases when moving along pre-determined Paths, and not for pathfinding.  You'll need to add gravity back in, and a floor collision.
  • Ahh, that explains it, thanks. I'm simply not using it as intended. No wonder, haha.

    Does it do any harm to just comment that line out? It just seems odd that there would be a checkbox option and then it just gets reset at some point. But does it get reset to address some issue with paths?
  • The Paths script you attach to characters is the same one in the Path prefab, where that bool is used.
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