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Trigger actions in Mecanim

edited October 2014 in Technical Q&A
So I am currently trying to add an additional state to the mecanim animator shown in your tutorial. Im adding "laughing", I figured i could trigger this like you do talking. I added a parameter "laughing" dragged in a laughing anim to Annimator window, linked them up so it goes from idle to laughing if laughing is true and vice versa. Then back in my scene placed a trigger, now what do I do here to actually set laughing to true? 

I tried a few things but it only gave me access to move, talk, and turn. Thanks, it would be great if this works, extremely versatile indeed! Loving the mecanim integration. I cant believe ive been wasting my time with all the old legacy animation stuff, then this week I took the plunge to go mecanim :)

PS. I tried change paramater value, typed in the right name and set as value = 1 (I must use one for True I assume as it wouldnt let me type true). 

Also tried play custom anim and typed in the right one (why no drag and drop here?) but it has no effect. 

Finally as a side issue, I cant seem to be able to get people to do anything in AC once theyre on a path, which is understandable but it would be great to be able to interact with them, perhaps a generic mode where they can stop and appear to converse or something, I think we may have spoke about this before :)


  • Whoops, its past 6am, I did all my logic to the wrong guy! "Change parameter values" does indeed work as expected! 
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