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Inventory items shown limit?

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Is there a parameter that defines how many inventory items can be shown at one time somewhere?

I am having a weird issue where I pick up 4 items, but only 3 of them are shown. For some time I was thinking maybe the item wasn't actually ending up in the inventory, but then I thought I'd click the arrow to go to the right and turns out it was there all along, it just wasn't showing.

Feel like I am missing something very obvious, although going through the inventory tab of the game editor I couldn't see anything relevant


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    I had a similar issue before. In your menu, if you have Fixed number of slots? checked and then look at Number of slots you'll probably see it set to 3. Playing with those and Slot orientation and Grid size and you should be able to adapt it to your liking :)

    Edit: Just have the Game window active when you edit the menu and you should be able to see how your inventory is set up.
  • Hey Eastman thanks for the suggestions. I must be doing something really silly but I can't see these options anywhere... where am I meant to be looking? I am looking in the Menu tab of the Game Editor as well as the Inventory tab but I can't see "Fixed number of slots?" anywhere...
  • Got it! Nevermind! Had to click on the InventoryBox menu item!

    Still need to wrap my head around the menu system I think (which is probably why I missed this in the first place)

    Thanks again for the pointer!
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