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How can we create an splash screen

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When i export the game, It only shows Unity in the begining and the game starts immidietly.

I would like to add a splash screen which is basicly a pause screen. Also Is there a way we can include mid slides like the name of the company just like Unity screen?

Thank you


  • What I've done is create a background with the logo and its own camera. When the game starts it uses that camera as the first one and then fades in, fades out and then go to the main menu area also with some fading to make it look nice.

    I hope that made sense.
  • Hey Solitude. Thats a great idea. It makes sense in a way.

    So have you created a new scene in order to put this background. And you made it fade from there main menu.

    Did you use cutscene - interraction engine:pause game or did you use menu:change state in order to open the pause screen?

  • Ops! I saw this just now!

    Alright than. I guess ill follow these instructions.
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    I'm making a small 2d game to be played in a browser so I've got all my areas in one scene. But you can create a new scene for this background.

    I don't use the in game menu as my main start menu but rather another background that I made with interactive buttons.

    So I pause the game during the starting cutscene and I hide the in game menu when the game isn't actually in game. The menu screen that I use just make use of hotspots for the buttons and then I continue from there.

    I just saw the post that was created while I was writing this. Eh I missed that tutorial too.
  • There's quite a few I missed,  you'd think it would be in 'News'

    displaying portrait graphics when Characters speak
    menus title screen menu in 3d

    speech and language playing voice files, optional translation

    Hotspots pressing a button to open a door, make a door close after a set time

  • @Solitude.

    Thanks for your tips, they were extreamly usefull for my work.


    I agree. Those are some good features. I was also suprised to see there was a written tutorial page such as i've shared. Before, i was going through video tutorials in order to solve my problems. Chris could mention these on offical news forum once updated.

  • Harkenin, all the written tutorials are current, they're on the right hand side of the tutorial screen, just
    click on a topic to expand it. If this forum could do pics I'd post a pic of them.
  • Is the above link still the best tutorial for how to create a splash screen?  Oddly, I’m finding the step of making the splash screen the most challenging undertaking in Adventure Creator to date, I think because if that is the only tutorial on how to make a splash screen, it assumes you’ve already followed a certain path and created a pause menu (which I don’t want yet), and possibly other separate steps I’m having to infer. 

    I gather from the line “in this example, the game begins in scene 2" that one would first have to have made another scene prior to the game scene of the project, so that the “Begin New Game” action won’t load into itself, and that this initial splash scene needs to be added to the build first. But does that scene’s hierarchy need to be set up with the same Game Engine object with the same scripts on it that exist in the second scene?  Does it need a NavMesh and a Player Start and so on? I’ve duplicated my original game scene and systematically pulled objects out of the hierarchy to come up with an appropriately blank scene that just loads the Title menu, but this does not seem to be the right approach.

    I have set up the Title menu as outlined in the tutorial, but when I hit play it takes a suspiciously long time to load the game, and when it does eventually initialize I hear the ambient sounds of my actual game scene, plus a string of warnings (No default PlayerStart set, Could not find menu of name ‘Title’, various animation and RAIN error applying to the game scene).  I suspect that my basic approach is missing something key, but the only info I could find on creating a Title-screen is this thread and the associated tutorial.

    Does anyone see offhand what might be a better approach?

  • Making some progress... I had accidentally placed the Begin New Game action twice (once for the Title menu, once for the New Game button).

    Now my only remaining issue is the lengthy load time (maybe figure out how to make a preloader screen?) and that my PlayerStart is, for some reason, off...
  • "off" in what way?  Please try to give more details when posting.

    It's not possible from this to determine the reason behind the long load times, either, but know that it is possible to define a scene that acts as your game's "Loading screen".  Just create a scene with a camera pointing to whatever background image you'd like, and add it to the build settings.  In the Settings Manager, check Use loading screen? and enter the scene's number into the box beneath.
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    Thanks! Very helpful. And yes- my apologies for some of the vagueness. I was still trying to wrap my head around some of the basic concepts.

    I actually do have my Title screen working, and my basic approach was ultimately correct for my need- I begin with a “blank” scene duplicated from my main scene and stripped of all game objects (except basic terrain), the Title Menu fully covers the screen, and then I head into the actual game scene. Much of my issue stemmed, I think, from my calling ‘Begin New Game” as a menu action from the Title menu, and not the ‘New Game’ button.

    The “off” I referred to was again a silly mistake on my part- a conflict with another marker, which I had somehow mistagged with a PlayerStart.

    Having now gotten the basic menu structure of a game that now has a beginning, middle and end, I’m now just combing through my various game interactions, nothing that is (yet) glaringly insolvable, though I do have a Hotspot question I’m mulling over, below.

    For context, what I am doing as an experiment is to use Adventure Creator with several third party systems: Dialogue System, PlayMaker, and RAIN, to create a first person narrative experience. Having gotten each of these components to work together within the same game scene, I’m using AC as like a CMS to manage these other components (two of which are integrated with AC, I see). My hope is that this architecture would be stable enough to create a basic “Gone Home”-like environment, but with a lot of dialogue and some AI. Right now I’m finishing up how each in-world interaction would work, and soon I’ll be tinkering with AC’s inventory, and then scoring and health logic to see how each interaction would work together with AC’s variable menu.

    I’m going to be good and not subject everyone to my buglist, but should you happen to know of any good examples of PlayMaker/AC playing well together, I’d be curious to see them. Right now I tend to think of Hotspots as basic interactions, as in maybe I can make an single event, so I use PlayMaker ray casting for FSM. I see that I am able to access PlayMaker from AC interactions, but I don’t quite see how to address an existing FSM already on a game object. I definitely think of that as an out of scope question here so no worries, but should you or anyone have any ideas that’d be neat.

    Thanks again!

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    Not from myself, but I believe @kici is using PlayMaker heavily with his AC project - you may want to ask him.
  • PM and AC makes an unstoppable game with limitless possibilities :)
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