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Suggestion: Menu Z-order / Click through menu alpha

I was making an ingame GUI today, consisting of buttons in both of the upper corners that lead to different menus, and a bar at the bottom, kind of a little bit like an MMORPG interface. Initially I had put all of this into a transparent menu that filled the whole screen, but I noticed that even if a menu background is transparent it still blocks the cursor from doing 'On Hotspot' things, like showing the hovering description label for instance.

It's not a big deal to seperate it out into small menus, one for each menu element, but I wondered if it would be doable to have Unity ignore the alpha sections of menus?

In addition to that, I noticed that my hovering hotspot description label is rendered behind other menus that I've made (such as the inventory), even though it is higher in the menu manager hierarchy. Is it possible to affect the Z-buffer depth of each menu individually?

Corollary: text on menu buttons renders behind its background graphic and highlight graphic.


  • I'm afraid reworking the Menu System to ignore alpha sections would make the system too costly, so far as optimisation goes.

    The Hotspot menu can be arranged on top, however, simply by re-arranging it's position in the Menu stacking order.
  • Right that's fair enough, it is finely solveable by splitting it up into several menus so it's not worth the effort then.

    And well, that's what I thought, but that doesn't seem to work. My overhotspot menu with the icons is ordered above the inventory screen in the stacking order, but in the game it still gets rendered below. Maybe it has to do with the menu ID? The overhotspot is marked as 9 and the inventory is 4, but those don't change after you create a menu.
  • Menus are rendered in the order they appear in the list - try moving the Hotspot beneath the Inventory screen instead.
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