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Pop Up Switch: "Default" output

Hey @ChrisIceBox!

I love pop up switches and I use them to control the main logic of my game. I have lots of exits, doors etc. and every time I add a new state to my pop up switch variable, I have to connect the new output in most actionlists where I use the switch. For example, if I have an exit that is blocked in some part of the game and it is open in other parts, I would have to connect every new output to the scene change node. In this case I would of course check the specific value of the pop up switch and tell it to change the scene if it's false.

Stop me in my tracks if there is an obvious problem with my suggestion or if it makes no sense, but I would love a "Default" output for Pop Up Switches that is fired when the current state is not connected. So I could set "change scene" to be the default behavior and just connect all specific actions to their matching output.


  • Understood the issue, thanks for the explanation. I'd be vary, however, that such a behaviour would cause more trouble than it would solve.

    Are you making use of the Variable Manager's ability to list all referenced made to a specific Variable in the Console? The Actions Manager also lets you do this for specific Action types. These should make the process of hunting the Actions to update a little more manageable.

  • Thanks Chris, I didn't know about this Variable Manager functionality and I'm sure I will need it in the future, thanks for the tip! I expected my suggestion to not be worth the hassle. I changed my exits so that they check the popup variable state specifically and if they are not met, go to the default behavior of switching scenes. Before using the popup switch I now ask myself, will there be a default behaviour? and if I can answer this question with yes, I will do it this way :)

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