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Inventory items can't be shared between Players after v1.78 upgrade

Thanks in advance for all the updates in AC!

I found this "bug" when updating AC that I just didn't realize earlier:

I'm using several players to switch to other scenes while maintaining the original player on the exact spot it was at the time of the scene switch.

This approach was suggested here in the forum a couple of years ago when someone asked about a good way to click somewhere on a scene "A" to go to a "Close-up" scene.

So in my case "Player_3rd_Person" is in "Scene_A" and "Player_1st_Person" is in "Scene_B" (BUT for all purposes, for people playing my game, this would be the "same character").

If I'm using Player_3rd_Person and I grab any inventory item (let's say an "apple"), then I switch to Player_1st_Person, and I open the inventory, I do not have the item "apple", cause since AC version 1.78, now items are related to the player who picked them up (by an Action "Inventory -> Add -> Item").

This was working fine until the recent AC update I made. Before this, the players I was using as "Close Up, first person Players" could grab an item and then, when switching back to the previous player, both of them would have the same items in their inventory.

My AC current version: 1.80.3
My OS: Mac OS Monterey 12.7.3

Forum thread where the change causing this behavior (unless I'm wrong) was announced:


  • Fixed: Default Inventory items sometimes going to the wrong Player character even if "Non-default Player(s)?" is unchecked

Further explanation:

I understand this "fix" was introduced due to the problem of different players having the same inventory items when that was not intended on some projects (I deal with that in my project by just showing different inventorybox categories for each player that I do not want them to have the same items, and that works pretty well in my case).

But the version 1.78 fix is somewhat "backwards incompatible" since it just doesn't let me opt-out for this new behavior and I would need to revisit and fix each of the many many items I had already working ok in my project (which is in an "advanced state" as to make all those fixes by hand) and, every new player I might add, I should go and add it on every Inventory->add action on each scene again (that sounds like a bit too much, hehe).

So I'm kindly asking for maybe a checkbox on the AC Game Editor that allows me to choose if I want to share all items between all players or something like that... would that be possible?

Thanks so much for the help and for all the hard work!!!



  • The fix you mention only relates to the starting inventory of each player, i.e. each Item's Carry on start? property.

    To have each Player in your game share the same Inventory, check All Players share same inventory? in the Settings Manager's Inventory panel.

  • Ahh! I missed that! Thank you, Chris!!
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