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Silent audio bug after loading

I noticed that after loading a game all audio besides the music goes silent, and it all comes back after opening any menu which pauses the game. After the sounds are back all the sounds play instantly at the same time that should have been played before.

AC v.1.80.2
Unity v. 2022.3.18f1


  • What other audio are you referring to? Sound components, Ambience or Speech? Any details/screenshots you can share to recreate the issue will help pin the cause down.

  • All speech, both voice acted and scrolling audio, footstep sounds for npcs, and any sounds related to player movement like jumping and movement. Sounds that come from activating any hotspot work correctly. I think this problem appeared only after updating to 1.80.

  • The scripts that assign sounds shown in your screenshots aren't a part of AC, but testing with the 3D Demo and its speech I can't reproduce such an issue.

    Does the 3D Demo have this issue, after adding its Basement scene to the Build Settings, and saving/loading inside it with its own Managers assigned?

  • I don't see any issues with the demo scene

  • Here's a clip from my game, it seems very weird.

  • edited April 4

    I've pinpointed the issue to the actionlist that plays after loading, (should have probably thought of this earlier) But the problem only occurs when I have an action type of engine change timescale which sets the timescale back to 1.

    Funnily enough, the problem is gone if I add a wait action with a minimal value before the timescale reset.

    I have this because the player has an item which they can use to slow time, and I have to reset it on load in case the player had the effect active when loading a game.

  • Yes, sounds like the change in Timescale is affecting audio playback in general - AC and non AC sounds alike. The music is unaffected because it ignores the Timescale.

    Set your Engine: Wait Action's wait time to -1, which'll cause it to wait exactly one frame.

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