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How to hide or reposition bottom left menu button?

Hi, I am working on a unity project. I am basically using the Adventures creator actionlist system as the logic connection for my app. But the menu button is disturbing on my UI. How can I move or hide the menu button?


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    The "Menu" button in the lower-left is the default InGame menu, that's part of the default interface in your Menu Manager.

    You can remove this by going to the Menu Manager and either clicking the cog icon beside the InGame menu and deleting it - or by selecting it and checking Start game locked off? in its Properties panel.

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    1. You can see that I haven't found the InGame menuoption or CogIcon.
    2. But I have found the Start game locked off option in the pause menu (which I know is the default menu). Enabling it doesn't show the menu on clicking on the menu icon but the menu icon is still there and I want to remove that menu icon.

    And of course, thank you for your reply Chris

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    The InGame menu is available here:

  • Thanks, got it and blocked the menu icon successfully

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