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Multiple hotspots detection with gamepad

Hello everybody,

I'm working on a game that will only be played with a controller. I would like to set up a hotspot detection system (see video1) like in the last monkey island.
Either the player detects them and I navigate from hotspot to hostpot using a held key for example RT then I choose with the left stick (see video2).

Is it possible to get close to this without writing too much code?

Thx et bonne année!

video 1 :

video 2:


  • "Player Vicinity" Hotspot detection can be used to show Hotspots that are near the Player.

    If Hotspots in vicinity is set to Cycle Multiple, you can use inputs mapped to CycleHotspotsLeft/Right to choose between different Hotspots when multiple are near, and InteractionA to use the selected one.

    RtMI has a unique way of auto-selecting the closest Hotspot. A script that emulates this behaviour can be found here.

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    Thanks for your answer, the FlashHotspots button work great.
    I defined two buttons RB and LB for the CycleHotspotsLeft/Right but I don't navigate between hotspots.

    Here my hotspots configuration :
    inputs manager :

    I'm probably missing smthg

  • Can you share your full Settings Manager, and shots of how the Hotspot Detector is set up, with an example of it overlapping multiple Hotspots in the scene?

  • here my hotspot detector :

    My settings manager:

    And this is how my hotspot are in the scene :

  • What boundary does the detector's collider take up in that last shot?

    If your Player prefab has no Rigidbody 2D, you'll need to attach one to the detector - and make it kinematic.

  • My player Rigidbody 2D-BodyType was set on Dynamic. I switch to kinematic and it's working :)

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