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Animate hotspot only on hover

When I use animated icons on hotspots, and the hotspots are set to be shown always, the animations run all of the time. Is there an easy way to only run the hotspot frame animation when the hotspot is hovered on?


  • nm, I got it to work after fiddling with custom scripts for a short while.

  • edited January 10

    Sorry about these monologue threads, Here is my solution:
    hotspot.GetMainIcon().animSpeed = 10.0f; icon.sprite = hotspot.GetMainIcon().GetAnimatedSprite(true);

  • in lateupdate, as I set the icons, I also previously set the aim speed of the hotspot main use graphic to the desired speed. And on end hover I set it to 0

  • Even better was to use GetAnimatedSprite(0); & GetAnimatedSprite(true); and not touch the anim speed at all!

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