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Conversation Options


When using the Conversation feature, I have a dialogue option to exit the conversation, such as "Nevermind." My 'Maximum # of Slots' for the DialogList in the Menu is set to 3, but sometimes I encounter situations where there are more options, for instance, 5 dialogue options in a conversation. I guess I should keep my dialogue list limited to 3 options at a time, but I was wondering: Is there a way to consistently display a specific dialogue option (like "Gotta go" to exit the conversation) in the same position (

Any advice would be appreciated. Thank you so much.


  • It's possible to alter the Map to property to have it display a specific option from the Conversation, so you could have multiple DialogList elements that each display their own option which can then be positioned manually.

    Are you looking to scroll the options that don't fit within the 3 slots? If so, you might need one DialogList mapped to a List, and another mapped to Fixed Option ID. The issue there is that the "Nevermind" option would be displayed in the List one as well.

    One way around this might be to have the "Fixed Option ID" mode have an option to display disabled options. That way, you could turn off the "Nevermind" option - so that it hides from the List, but still shows in the Fixed Option ID.

  • Thank you so much for your help again. Just to double-check, should I create two Conversation UI Menus, one with the Fixed Option ID / Fixed Slot Index?

  • I'm suggesting two separate DialogLists - both within the same Menu. The first set to List, the second set to Fixed Option ID, where the ID is set to the ID of the "Nevermind" option, which will need to be consistent across all Conversations.

  • Understood. Thanks for the clear explanation!

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