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Changing speech audio filename in Game text panel not taking effect

A small and silly thing that I'm stuck on.

I'm trying to set audio clip for an individual speech line in the "Game text" panel.

I have selected from the menu "Speech audio" -> "Reference speech files" -> "By naming convention."

In the Game text panel, I change the filename for a specific speech ID. I choose "Set custom" and change the name to the file found in the resources folder.

I'm expecting the file to be changed at this point and to hear the new audio when playing the game. However, when I try to play the speech in the play mode, nothing happens and I see the warning message "Audio file 'Resources/Speech/[OLD_FILENAME]' not found in the Resources folder" for the dialogue. In other words, it seems that my "set custom" change is not taking effect.

Do I need to press something after I've changed the filename with "set custom"?

I also tried exporting a CSV, changing the filename in a sheets editor, and then importing the csv again, but I still couldn't get the changes to appear.


  • Recreated - it's a bug. Apologies for the trouble.

    I will look into this, thanks for reporting it.

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