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Mouse sensitivity option with new input system

How would I go around making a mouse sensitivity option when using the new input system?


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    In what context - when moving a First / Third-person camera?

    If so, it's the CursorHorizontal / CursorVertical inputs you're dealing with - you can check this by applying a "Scale" Processor to them in the Controls asset. Is this Scale value what you're looking to set dynamically?

  • Yes, I want to give players the option to adjust the sensitivity of first-person camera movement.

  • OK. Add a Scale processor as above, and then use this component (ScaleProcessorLink.cs) to link it to a Global Float Variable:

    using UnityEngine;
    using UnityEngine.InputSystem;
    using UnityEngine.InputSystem.Processors;
    using AC;
    public class ScaleProcessorLink : MonoBehaviour
        [SerializeField] private string actionName = "CursorHorizontal";
        [SerializeField] private string globalStringVariableName = "Sensitivity";
        [SerializeField] private UnityEngine.InputSystem.PlayerInput playerInput;
        private GVar globalStringVariable;
        private void Update ()
            if (globalStringVariable == null)
                globalStringVariable = GlobalVariables.GetVariable (globalStringVariableName);
            if (globalStringVariable != null)
                var action = playerInput.actions.FindAction (actionName);
                action.ApplyParameterOverride ((ScaleProcessor p) => p.factor, globalStringVariable.FloatValue);

    If you then set the Global Variable's Link to field to Option Data, it's value will be stored as part of the profile, rather than any individual save file.

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