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Custom filenames for addressables not possible

Hi Chris,

I have speech audio in my project and use the addressables system for it. The manual says that the addressable names can be set to custom (page 329 of the manual) but the speech manager has no button "Set custom" available like seen in the screenshot. I tried to set custom addressable names by importing them from a csv file and the customFilename properties of the speechLines get updated, but AC won't use the custom filenames for referencing the right addressable audio. I had to change the GetFilename() function in SpeechLines.cs to this to make it work:

            case ReferenceSpeechFiles.ByAddressable:
// Added by me:
                    if (!string.IsNullOrEmpty (customFilename))
                        return customFilename;
                    if (Application.isPlaying && KickStarter.speechManager.translateAudio && Options.GetLanguage () > 0)
                        return GetSubfolderPath (overrideName) + lineID.ToString () + "_" + Options.GetLanguageName ();

With this addition to the code everything works as expected. Is the manual wrong and it is not save to use custom filenames for referencing addressables or is the AC code missing this?



  • Good spot! Looks like the Manual is indeed wrong - the "Set Custom" button is currently only available for the "By Naming Convention" and "By Asset Bundle" modes.

    Rather than amending the Manual, I will first look to see if this option can be incorporated into "By Addressable" mode - apologies for the hassle, and thanks for bringing it up.

  • Hi Chris,

    did you find the time yet to take a look into this? Because the thing is this: The 2883 addressables database entries I recently lost because of Unity doing its thing were all manually renamed by me to match AC's naming conventions. I have all my voice over files in a subfolder called "VoiceOvers" and there everything is sorted into subfolders for each character. This way I come up with database entries like "Assets/Looky/VoiceOvers/Looky/DemoEnde/Looky7831.ogg" and Unity automatically takes the path as the default name. I renamed such file to "Looky7831" manually. It would be much less work to be able to set the filename for AC to look for because I could do this programmaticaly, then manually renaming all addressable database entries for each file (the 2800 that are already in the game and the 10000 that will follow).

  • Yes - the ability to override the default Addressable key with a custom one will be included in v1.79.

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