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UI Selection for Dialogue Display in Timeline

Hi, I have two types of UI for displaying dialogues. One uses a speech bubble, and the other displays speeches at the bottom of the screen, like subtitles. The appear type for the speech bubble UI is set to 'When Speech Plays', while the appear type for the subtitles UI is set to 'Manual'.

I want to display some dialogues using the Timeline with the Subtitle UI. Currently, I have created an AC-Speech Track to display dialogue, but it shows up with the speech bubble UI. How can I get the dialogues to show up in the UI menu I want? Any guidance would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.


  • Timeline speech tracks will display in Menus that appear "When Speech Plays" - so you'll need to set your Subtitles UI to this mode.

    Menus of this appear type have further filtering options - you can limit them to specific characters / exclude specific characters, or during/excluding gameplay.

    You can also lock a Menu from turning on even when its "Appear type" condition is met. If you lock your Speech Bubble UI - with Menu: Change state - before running the Timeline, it won't turn on when the speech tracks play.

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    Thank you for taking the time to reply. I will definitely try your solution out! I appreciate your help again. (And thank you for replying even during the weekend... Hope you have a great rest of your weekend!)

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