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UI Panel blocking interactions

Hi, I've noticed that a Panel in the Canvas blocks interactions even when the 'Raycast Target' is turned off. However, I still want to keep the 'Unity UI blocks interaction and movement?' option checked. As a workaround, I set the Panel's width and height to 0 and moved the Images outside of the panel.

  • Canvas
  • -- Image (full stretch)
  • -- Panel (width,height: 0)
  • ----- Button
  • ----- Button

Is this a good approach? In the AC Game Editor's Menu, the Panel is assigned as 'RectTransformBoundary', so everything functions correctly. I would appreciate any clarifications on this. Thank you so much.


  • Yes - it should work. AC will regard clicks on the RectTransform boundary as clicks on the Menu.

    You might have an issue, however, if the Menu needs to be repositioned - as the boundary is accounted for when "Always fit within screen?" is checked.

    If this isn't necessary, you should be fine.

  • Great! Yes, this menu remains in the same position on the screen. Thank you so much for your quick response!

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