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Game Camera 2D cursor influence

I'm trying to set up an orthographic camera (size 9, as opposed to my other cameras which range from 18 to 54) to work as a 'binocular' camera. Basically, I've set a camera to follow the player with horizontal and vertical movement constraints to account for scene boundaries. This camera follows the player even when the regular gameplay cameras are active, as it needs to be centred on the player when we switch to it. When the player uses the binoculars, a gameplay-blocking actionlist freezes player movement and switches the camera to the binocular one over 3 seconds.

This camera has "follow cursor?" enabled, with a very high panning factor (x: 200, y:200) and a follow speed of 0.1. The behaviour during cutscenes is "Reset". As soon as the actionlist cutscene is over, the player is able to move the mouse and control the camera like a binocular around the scene.

This mostly works, except for the fact that this panning effect doesn't respect the horizontal/vertical movement constraints. It allows the player to move the camera outside the scene boundaries. I tried enabling "Constrain in X/Y direction" under "Cursor Influence", but it doesn't seem to be intended for this -- it breaks the effect I'm trying to achieve.

Are the horizontal/vertical movement constraints supposed to be overridden like this? Is there a way to set this up with AC's 2D camera?


  • I believe I've recreated this, thanks for the details.

    I will look into this further and let you know.

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