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Inventory interaction "Carrying Specific Item"

Example (see supplied image)
Inventory:Check -> Carrying Specific Item -> ID Card

If I select the ID Card, the condition is met and the Character:Face Object part of the ActionList runs as it should.

But if I select a Knife to use instead of the ID Card, I would assume the If condition is not met would run and the Dialogue:Play Speech part of the ActionList would run...but it doesn't

Am I missing something simple that needs to be setup?


Unity version: 2021.3.21f1
AC version: 1.77.0


  • "Carrying Specific Item" relates to any item present in the Player's inventory - not just the one currently selected.

    The Inventory: Check selected Action can be used to determine if a given item is selected, but if you're dealing with Hotspot interactions - you'll instead want to define an "Inventory interaction" for your Hotspot that's mapped to your given item.

    "Inventory interactions" will run only when a specified item is used on a specified Hotspot - so there's no need to check for it in the ActionList.

    A tutorial on using Inventory items on Hotspots can be found here.

  • Thanks Chris. I was thinking I could use the above process to give a response when the wrong item was trying to be used on a hotspot. I reviewed the manual a little more and found the simple answer was to use Unhandled Inventory Interaction. This gave me the results I was looking for. Thanks again for taking the time to reply to everyone's questions.

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