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Attaching a VR camera into Adventure Creator?

Hi there!

As a VR developer, I am curious about potentially integrating VR into Adventure Creator, allowing players to play a AC game in VR. I couldn't find any resources on it here or outside, but I'm wondering what would the process be to attach a completely custom camera script (like a VR camera controller) and have it act as the AC main GameCamera for the player?

On top of that, any suggestions on how to program custom inputs, such as the Oculus Touch inputs for selecting hotboxes and such?

Any help you can provide would be greatly appreciated.


  • Welcome to the community, @Ajer2895.

    VR isn't officially supported by AC, but you can use custom camera types - including VR ones, by attaching AC's "Basic camera" component. This'll make it visible to AC's Camera Actions/fields.

    You can also find a "MainCameraVR" prefab inside the /Assets/AdventureCreator/Prefabs/Camera folder. This alternative to the regular MainCamera places the Camera component on a separate child - allowing it to be repositioned independently (i.e. by a VR headset) of the MainCamera transform.

    More on these topics can be found in the Manual's "Adding custom cameras" and "Working with VR" chapters.

    The latter chapter also details how inputs can be remapped to work with unsupported controllers.

    For Menus, a script on the AC wiki that provides Menu interactivity in VR can be found here:

  • Thank you so much! I'll be sure to experiment with these and see if I can get something to work with Adventure Creator

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