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Setting and Remembering the visibility of an object in a different scene.

Context: I'm using the "Remember Visibility" script on GameObjects with a Sprite renderer, so when I pickup the object in the scene and it gets added to my inventory, the object is made invisible whenever I return to the scene.

My question is, I may have a Game object in another scene that represents the same item (e.g. a wider view of the same room), is it possible within the inspector to set the visibility of an object in a different scene. So when I pickup the item I can make it invisible in all scenes. I see the Remember Invisibility script assigns the object and ID but I cannot seem to reference it from other scenes.


  • I have been handling this all through Global variables right now, and Cutscene-OnStart/OnLoad doing a variable check and setting visibility through that.
    I discovered the Remember Visibility script which works amazing in the scene where the action occurs. I suppose my question specifically is can an objects visibility be set from another scene in a simpler manner than I already am doing.

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    I don't think there's an easy option in the Inspector, and that you'd have to rely on custom scripting, to do it differently.

    The way you are doing it, is probably the correct one.

    There's also this:

  • The question of updating a separate "wide view" scene as objects are taken in another was recently covered recently here.

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