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System cursor flickers between scenes

edited April 2023 in Technical Q&A

Something that I've noticed recently (I don't think it used to happen with previous AC versions, but I haven't confirmed this) is that in a build, when I fade the camera out and switch scenes, there's a split of second between scenes where the Windows cursor (the default arrow, not the crosshair cursor show below) flickers on the black screen. Is there a way to avoid this?

I use these settings:


  • I will attempt a recreation.

  • Cheers, let me know if you need any help reproducing it!

  • I'm afraid I do - it may be specific to the scenes you're loading.

    Could you PM me a repro project with details?

  • This doesn't actually appear to be an AC issue - it only happens when a Dialogue System dialogue manager object is loaded. I'll take it to the DS forums. Sorry!

  • For anyone who might find this thread in the future: I think the culprit is the Input Device Manager component attached to the Dialogue Manager. I was able to disable it without causing any issues, but your mileage may vary. I'm not sure if it is exclusively a DS problem or if it has anything to do with how it interacts with AC. I also made a post here:

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