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Interactions attaching to correct item

This is probable such a simple issue, but I can't resolve it.
When I create a new Interactions (Use, Examine, etc.), it puts the Interaction at the top of my Hierarchy instead of attaching to the selected item.
This can be seen in the supplied image.
The red arrow shows where it is being put.
The green arrow shows where it should be (IMHO).

Thanks to all that use this forum. I have found many answers to my questions by just using the search bar within this.

Unity version: 2021.3.21f1
AC version: 1.77.0


  • Currently, this is a case of having to manually move it to the correct parent afterwards. I can see how this particular case would be more convenient, but I'm wary of making a change that may cause unwanted auto-parenting elsewhere.

  • Fully understand...sort of glad I wasn't missing something...thanks Chris

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