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Change footstep action not working in Builds

edited April 25 in Technical Q&A

Hello there!

Just updated AC from v.1.75 to the latest v.177.1 did a build of my DEMO to test it out and everything went fine except I have an ActionList pre-made which I use to change footsteps sounds here and then for my player:

It´s very simple all it does is this:

Right now I am using it on a scene´s default cutscene by calling it through ** Action -> Run -> Asset File**, it works correctly on editor, but not on Build.

What could be happening?


  • Is this to say this was working in builds before the update?

    We'll need to see if it's a case of the Action not running, or the Action running but not having an effect.

    Above the Action in your screenshot, try adding a Dialogue: Play speech Action with some placeholder text and see if that appears.

    Separately, is the ActionList: Run Action set to run as soon as the OnStart cutscene plays? If so, is there a difference if you insert a brief pause with the Engine: Wait Action?

  • I managed to fix it by putting the action forward in the chain, thanks!

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