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Can a trigger Check/Uncheck Use Gravity in Rigid Body component?

one place in My 3D Direct Adventure game i am trying to use Ground collapsing where the player walks:
Player walks on a floor made of blocks but some of the Blocks with Rigidbody and Box collision component fall down if stepped over.

SO i thought i must use checking/uncheking one of these : Use Gravity or Is Kinematic
Finaly i thought the Best is using "Use Gravity" option.
But i tried to find out how i can do this while not being able to code.

Is it possible to do this? To put a trigger over the blocks and when Trigger is colided by player, the UseGravity option gets checked?!!!

Or should i use another method?

Thanks in advance


  • I am already using a cheat. I just keep Use Gravity Checked , but have added a Box collider under floor blocks. on trigger Entered, the Box collider is just Objec>removed so it fakes something like that.

  • The Object: Call event Action can be used to set the value of a Rigidbody's "useGravity" property.

    Alternatively, this can also be used to set the "enabled" property of your Collider.

  • Wow ,,, Great lesson to learn Thanks. Now i must go and check this way,,, I was using that Cheat and i was facing a little bit of logical bugs in some occasions.

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