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Feature Request: Full Video Prepare

edited April 2023 in Technical Q&A

I've noticed that when "Wait till finished" is ticked alongside "Prepare Only" on the Engine:Play Movie Clip that it doesn't actually wait for it to fully complete preparing before moving to the next ActionList node. Is there a chance of adding some kind of option to force it to load the full video in memory and not have it move on until it's at least prepared that first frame?

EDIT: Sorry, I've just noticed that I've posted this in the incorrect section.


  • What are your AC and Unity versions?

    The Action should indeed wait - it does so by listening for the value of VideoPlayer.isPrepared.

  • Sorry for the late response, Chris. It's 2021.3.19 and AC 1.77.0.

    Yes, it doesn't seem to be working as expected for me unfortunately.

  • Unity does provide a separate "on prepared" event hook that I can look into the Action using instead, but ultimately this looks like an issue with Unity itself.

  • The use of "on prepared" via actionlists would be absolutely ideal, Chris.

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