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Version 1.77 - Editor improvements and Player addressables

This update pays particular attention to AC's Editor tools and general quality-of-life improvements. Thanks to all those testing, reporting bugs and making suggestions. Key features:

Asset lists (e.g. Menus, Inventory items, Dialogue options) can now be re-ordered by dragging-and-dropping. The ActionList Editor now also has a search tool, and the Scene Manager's been smartened up a bit.

Adding to AC's Addressables support is the ability to reference Player prefabs by Addressable in the Settings Manager.

2D games that use Direct control can now benefit from the option to rely on the scene's NavMesh to constrain Player characters - no more having to surround the scene with colliders!

QTEs now also have the option to run indefinitely, making them a useful way of prompting the Player to press a specific key, and waiting until they do.


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    I am using AC version 1.76.3. There is a possible bug when I call the NPC prefab. The NPC appearing in the scene the problem arises in the interaction of the hotspot of the NPC is not being called, even the interaction added as a child of the NPC.

    When this NPC is in the scene, in the list of objects in the scene this problem does not occur. I haven't updated the AC version yet.

    The way I call the NPC is as follows...

    I attached a GamObjet to the camera when I destroy an NPC through this interaction, another Npc will appear via Prefab somewhere far from the camera.

  • @RobinsonSandi Please create a new thread in Technical Q&A for this, as the version you're using is not the one this thread is for.

    If you're relying on NPC prefabs, make sure that their Hotspot's Actions source is set to Asset File. Scene-based ActionLists cannot live inside prefabs, you need to rely on ActionList assets instead.

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    Version 1.77.0

    Upgrade notes

    • The ActionTransform script's CreateNew_RotateTo function has been renamed to CreateNew_ScaleTo
    • The Settings Manager's GetDefaultPlayer function is now Editor-only


    • Added: Option to always mouse-over the lowest Hotspot in 2D scenes when multiple overlap the same area
    • Added: The automatic highlighting of all Hotspots within the boundary of a Hotspot Detector is now optional
    • Added: OnHotspotsFlash custom event - triggered when the FlashHotspots input is pressed
    • Added: Ability to run Hotspot interactions manually from the Hotspot Inspector at runtime
    • Fixed: PlayerInteraction script's IsMouseOverHotspot function returning incorrect results


    • Added: RunNormallyWhenSkip property to Actions - set to true in custom Actions to have them run over multiple frames even when run as the result of skipping their ActionList
    • Added: The "Engine: End game" Action's "Scene to restart to" field now accepts parameters
    • Changed: The ActionTransform script's CreateNew_RotateTo has been renamed to CreateNew_ScaleTo
    • Fixed: "Character: Move to point" Action's "Copy Marker angle after?" option being ignored if the character starts too close to the destination Marker
    • Fixed: "ActionList: Set parameter" Action not setting the correct value when copying from a Component String variable
    • Fixed: "ActionList: Set parameter" Action not converting Integer and Float Global variables to Float and Integer parameters
    • Fixed: Error when auto-creating an ActionList asset file while the Packages folder is selected in the Project window


    • Added: Search tool to the ActionList Editor - use to search for Actions, text or object names, separating multiple terms with a pipe (|) delimiter
    • Added: Ability to re-order Menus, Elements, Conversation options and Inventory items by drag-and-dropping
    • Added: Ability to filter Variables by ID in the Variables Manager and Variables component Inspector
    • Added: Minor tweaks to the Scene Manager's visual styling
    • Changed: Export wizard windows now retain their field values after Unity restarts
    • Changed: "Auto-add Save components to GameObjects" operation will no longer close the active scene if no scenes are added to Unity's Build Settings
    • Changed: Auto-creating a Hotspot's Interactive Boundary now parents the boundary to the Hotspot


    • Added: "Empty slot texture" property to Crafting menu elements
    • Fixed: Unity UI-based Menus appearing in loading screen scenes
    • Fixed: InventoryBox elements limiting items by category sometimes allowing the transfer of items outside that category
    • Fixed: Unity UI-based Menus sometimes not being interactable with a simulated cursor


    • Added: Option for 2D Player characters to be prevented from leaving the bounds of the NavMesh when moved under Direct or Drag control
    • Added: Ability to set the pathfinding update frequency per-character through script
    • Added: Minor pathfinding optimisations
    • Fixed: Characters very rarely halting mid-movement when a non-zero "Pathfind update time" is set
    • Fixed: 2D characters not always turning at a constant speed


    • Added: Ability to override an instance of an Inventory item's label at runtime through script
    • Changed: The InvItem script's HasCursorIcon has been moved to the InvInstance class
    • Fixed: Display issue when attempting to set an Inventory item with an overriding texture as the cursor
    • Fixed: Inventory item instances losing their overriding texture data upon being transferred


    • Changed: If a Container limits items by category, only items in that category are available to add as default
    • Fixed: Containers losing their "Limit by category" settings after loading or re-entering a scene


    • Added: Option to reference Player prefabs using the Addressable system
    • Added: "Jump bool" and "Grounded bool" parameter fields for Sprites Unity Complex-based characters that use 3D physics components
    • Changed: The Settings Manager's GetDefaultPlayer function is now Editor-only


    • Added: Set Drag Parameters component - attach to a Draggable object to set its "ActionList asset on drop/move" file parameters when run
    • Fixed: Draggable objects being let go when using multiple touches on a touch-screen device
    • Fixed: Error when using Curved tracks that has region-snapping enabled


    • Added The loading process of custom Remember components now supports coroutines
    • Added: Option to the Remember Moveable component to save Transform values in Local space
    • Added: The Remember Sound component's saving of changes to the loaded AudioClip asset is now optional
    • Changed: If "Save asset references with Addressables?" is enabled, UnloadUnusedAssets is no longer called automatically following a scene-change
    • Fixed: GameObjects spawned in via Addressable after loading a save-game not having their Remember component data properly restored
    • Fixed: Issue when loading an NPC's Transform data when both Remember NPC and Remember Transform components are attached


    • Added: Ability to alter a Speech line's remaining lifetime through script
    • Changed: The "Play talking animations forever until user skips it?" option has been renamed to "Play talking animations entire time line is displayed?"
    • Fixed: Speech scrolling sometimes displaying text prematurely if the frame-rate drops too low


    • Added: Option to run a QTE indefinitely
    • Added: Ability to set a default offset to apply to selected Inventory items when drawn using Software cursor rendering
    • Added: The automatic calling of Resources.UnloadUnusedAssets is now optional
    • Fixed: "Object: Add or remove" Action sometimes preventing the spawning of Addressable prefabs that have a Remember Transform component attached
    • Fixed: Sound objects sometimes not setting the correct volume when played using Timeline
    • Fixed: Objective state names "Active", "Complete" and "Fail" not being translatable
  • Version 1.77.1:

    • Added: Ability to auto-create ActionLists from the "ActionList: Run" Action
    • Changed: "Create" buttons have been shortened to "+" icons
    • Fixed: Characters being able to move out of the boundary of 2D NavMeshes when pathfinding in v1.77.0
    • Fixed: Straight To Cursor movement not always respecting the "Run threshold" value if "Pathfinding update time" is non-zero
    • Fixed: Scenes not loading correctly after preloading using Addressables
    • Fixed: Camera rotation issue when snap-cutting to a GameCamera that has a non-zero "Target direction factor"
  • It seems I'm able to touch the elements through the properties window. Besides this bug, this feature has been a bit distracting to me as sometimes when just clicking on an element it tries to move it instead and I have to click again.

  • Thanks for the feedback, I'll look into it. I can't recreate the issue shown by the gif, however. Are you left-clicking inside the text box, and what platform are you using?

  • Yes I'm left clicking and holding to try to select the text. And the same problem applies to anything within the properties window, sliders and text for example, as long as there's an element behind it. I'm working on Windows 10

  • Apologies for the trouble. I'm still not able to recreate the problem on my end, though - on Windows 10 nor OSX.

    I can, at least, make the behaviour configurable in AC's Editor preferences. For now, you can disable the feature completely by opening AC's CustomGUILayout script and adding the following to the top of its UpdateDrag function (around line 71):

  • Version 1.77.2:

    • Upgrade note: Remember component "start" settings are no longer set automatically when manually spawned into the scene

    • Added: Ability to choose between Update and LateUpdate for Third-person GameCamera behaviour

    • Added: Ability to override the destination accuracy for in-game Player movement per-scene through script
    • Added: "Wait until finish?" option to the "Character: Move along path" Action's "Resume Last Path" command
    • Added: Option for the "Engine: Change Timescale" Action to also affect Time.fixedDeltaTime
    • Added: The ability to re-order Editor lists by dragging is now optional
    • Added: Ability to cycle through search results in the ActionList Editor window
    • Added: Ability to specify a default path to place auto-created ActionList asset files in
    • Added: The "Inventory: Property to Variable" Action can now access the properties of the last-selected item
    • Changed: The "Variable: Check" Action can now compare String variables with other Variables of any type
    • Changed: Remember component "start" settings are no longer set automatically when manually spawned into the scene
    • Changed: If Player-switching is allowed and the default Player is deleted in the Settings Manager, a new default Player is automatically assigned
    • Fixed: New Game Wizard not stripping special characters when creating files and folders based on the supplied game name
    • Fixed: Remember component data taking longer to load in v1.77.0
    • Fixed: Draggable objects ignoring the "Ignore Player's collider?" option when locked to a Track
    • Fixed: Straight Tracks causing error messages in the Console when selected in the Scene window
    • Fixed: Issue when switching scene if a preload operation was called in the first Action of an OnStart cutscene
    • Fixed: Remember component "start" settings sometimes being overridden by OnStart cutscene commands
    • Fixed: Default Unity UI-based Hotspot Menu sometimes being drawn underneath other UI-based Menus
    • Fixed: The Player component's "Auto-stick to NavMesh" option having an effect during cutscenes
    • Fixed: Issue when re-ordering Editor lists on OSX
    • Fixed: "Straight To Cursor" movement ignoring the "Run threshold" value if double-clicking is set to make the Player run
    • Fixed: "On Variable Change" Cutscenes not running if a Variable was changed in gameplay
    • Fixed: Player character sometimes moving incorrectly after loading a save-game file
    • Fixed: Issue with Player assignment when reloading scenes with a local Player character in v1.77.0
    • Fixed: Actions sometimes losing their connections when copy/pasting
  • Version 1.77.3:

    • Added: Option to remove all items from the Player's Inventory using the "Inventory: Add or remove" Action
      -Added: Ability to set - through script - a Transform that the Player will face at all times while using Direct movement
    • Added: If a previously-gathered line is found to have been modified upon re-gathering game text, an option will be given to remove existing translations
    • Added: Ability to set a per-Menu offset to reposition calls through script
    • Added: The bottom of the ActionList Editor window now displays the number of Actions defined in the list
    • Fixed: Issue saving games using threading when a Link Variable To Animator component references a Global Variable
    • Fixed: Remember Variables components not saving data correctly in v1.77.2
    • Fixed: Various issues with loading of save-game files in v1.77.2
    • Fixed: Occasional Console error when viewing the Save-game file manager while in Edit mode
    • Fixed: "Cursor influence" settings of 2D GameCamera not respecting Constraints
  • edited June 2023

    Version 1.77.4:

    Upgrade notes

    • Changed: Software cursor sizes are now based on the width of the playable screen, rather than the entire screen

    • Added: Option to duplicate the Hotspot Menu for each Hotspot it displays for

    • Added: The "Menu: Select element” Action can now optionally simulate the clicking of the specific Menu Element
    • Added: "Release behaviour" options for "Hold Key" Quick-time Events
    • Added: "View all" and "Reset view" buttons to the bottom of the ActionList Editor window
    • Changed: Software cursor sizes are now based on the width of the playable screen, rather than the entire screen
    • Changed: Editor drag-and-drop features are now disabled by default, but can be enabled in the Project Settings
    • Fixed: Position issues with 2D characters that use "Retro-mode" movement
    • Fixed: Position issues with 2D GameCameras when a background constraint is assigned
    • Fixed: "Character: Move along path" Action's "Resume Last Path" Action always requiring completion before continuing
    • Fixed: The Action script's FieldToID function sometimes returning an incorrect value
    • Fixed: 2D Players sometimes momentarily playing the wrong animation upon spawning
    • Fixed: Hovering over Inventory items not showing their names in the Hotspot menu when the Interaction method is set to Custom Script
    • Fixed: ActionLists not skipping correctly if they make use of the "ActionList: Run in parallel" Action
    • Fixed: Animation playback issues when using the "Object: Animate" Action's "Sprites Unity Complex" engine
    • Fixed: Error when scene-based characters have a NavMesh Agent component, but no NavMesh Agent Integration
    • Fixed: Line IDs of Document pages not being listed in the Inventory Manager
    • Fixed: Speech skipped as a result of skipping its parent ActionList not firing the OnSkipSpeech custom event
    • Fixed: Issues with direct navigation of Slider elements in AC menus
    • Fixed: Playback issue with the "Dialogue: Play speech" Action when run while viewed in the ActionList Editor
    • Fixed: Subtitle menus turning off prematurely if a speech that does not match its "For speech of type" property begins playing
    • Fixed: Highlight component not working with HDRP by default
  • Oops. The v1.77.4 update was missing for Unity 2019 and above - look out for 1.77.4a, which should be available soon.

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