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Lost all my Audio

Hiya guys,

Been working on my final uni project using Adventure creator. I had lots of audio and conversations going, but, In my aatempt at making the audio more randomised I decided to integrate wwise. Upon freaking out and unintegrating wwise, all my previous audio isn't playing. Does anybody know of a fix? Or maybe something dumb that I am not looking at?


  • Welcome to the community, @bombom123.

    What are your AC/Unity versions, and what type of audio specifically is not playing? Speech only, or do SFX / Music etc also not play?

    First check that audio is able to play normally, without the presence of AC. Create a new scene with an AudioSource, set to play a clip from your project on awake, and run the scene. Is that heard?

    Assuming so, check that your volume levels are non-zero in your game's Options menu (or, in Edit mode, in the Settings Manager's "Manage save-game files" window).

    How are your speech files set to be played, as set by the Speech Manager's "Reference speech files" option?

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