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Stuck in Death Pose with Sprites Unity Complex

I'm pretty new to Sprites Unity Complex, so this might be an easy answer--but I have a scene where my protagonist dies and plays a death animation, which is simply set as a standalone custom animation in the animator controller because I only want it to play once and then hold on the final frame, and not transition back to her idle.

My problem is, after a little scene plays, I load an Autosave that was made automatically following the OnStart cutscene and notice that the player character is still stuck in her death pose on reload. Resetting the scene from End Game fixes the issue, but otherwise she'll remain in her death pose indefinitely.

What would be the best way to set things up so I don't run into this issue?



  • With Sprites Unity Complex, AC won't play animation states automatically - instead only affecting parameters that you set in the character's Inspector.

    If you attach the "Remember Animator" component, however, then AC should record both the parameter values, and the active state, of the Animation in save-game files.

    See if simply attaching that is enough. If necessary, you could call a Character: Animate Action in your scene's OnLoad cutscene to either invoke a Trigger parameter that transitions you back to the Idle state, or play the Idle state by name directly.

  • Thanks for the response, Chris!

    It looks like the "Remember Animator" component was already on the character, so that doesn't seem to solve it. I also tried Character>Animate>Play Custom on load to try and kick the character back into her idle state and back into the animation tree, but that didn't work either unfortunately.

    The other solution you mentioned was invoking a Trigger parameter to transition back to the idle state. I'm less acquainted with how these work, but the parameters I have currently set up in my animator are for FacingAngle and Speed. Am I invoking either of these, or perhaps something else?


  • Something else - though Play Custom should be enough to do it.

    FacingAngle and Speed are both Float parameters under AC's control. For this approach, you'd create a new Trigger parameter named e.g. Reset, and create a transition from either Death or the Any state to Idle, have it use Reset as a condition, and then use the Action's "Change Parameter Value" option to invoke the Trigger.

  • Aha! Adding a "Reset" trigger parameter and then hooking that into the animator controller appears to have resolved the issue--with a little bit of fiddling to remove any automatic transitions between the two states.

    Thank you, Chris!

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