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Skip Speech with UI button

how can I call the skip speech function of AC or is there any way to simulate the keyboard button press in UI button click function?



  • I saw this post

    and used
    KickStarter.playerInput.SimulateInputButton ("SkipSpeech");

    on the UI button On Click() event and it works as I want now,

    but I could not figure out why the UI button was disabled at runtime when I tried to simulate input SkipSpeech from menu manager.

    Click type: Simulate Input
    Simulate: Button
    Input axis: SkipSpeech

    AC version 1.72.4

  • Welcome to the community, @Orfi.

    If you backup/duplicate this project and import the latest release, does this issue persist?

    Do you mean that the UI Button disables itself after clicking it, or the whole time it is displayed?

    If the Button is linked to AC's Menu Manager as a Button element, then AC may manipulate its Interactable state based on your settings. If you can share screenshots of the Menu's entry in the Menu Manager, and of the issue occuring, I can try to spot what's what.

  • Thanks Chris,

    I cant update to latest release cause my boss does not want to, at the moment.

    The button was disabled the whole time in runtime, even if I make it interactable from Hierarchy it does not skip the subtitles.

    In the images you can see the settings for the AC skip button and that it is un-interactable in runtime

  • I'm guessing it's because a Menu is - by default - non-interactive during Cutscenes, which your game is likely in while your speech lines play.

    The Menu's Clickable in cutscenes? option can be checked to allow for interactivity during this time.

  • Thanks Chris that fixed the problem.

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