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Problems in unity monetization with AC.

I have a unity Monetization model that I imported into my game, it has a MenuCanvas ui with several unity buttons in the main menu scene, until then it works normally, but when I click on the stage1 button then inside the stage1 scene the buttons inside the screen do not work, I found out that it has to do with the appearance of the player in the scene. I deleted it during the test on stage1 and it worked again. But I don't know how to solve this problem.

So to understand better.

In each scene there is no player, it only appears from one scene to the next, blocking the clicks on the unityMonetization buttons shown in the video.


  • See the warning message appearing in your Console window - you have two EventSystems present in the scene, which will confuse Unity when it comes to responding to inputs over interactive UI components.

    AC will spawn its own when it begins - unless one is already present in the scene. You can override its default EventSystem with a custom prefab at the top of the Menu Manager.

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    I dragged the EventSystems from the scene creating a Prefab then deleted it from the scene and assigned the prefab in the menu manager. Still this warning keeps popping up with the same problem.

    There are 2 event systems in the scene. Please ensure there is always exactly one event system in the scene
    UnityEngine.EventSystems.EventSystem:Update () (at Library/PackageCache/com.unity.ugui@1.0.0/Runtime/EventSystem/EventSystem.cs:398)

    In the game engine the ''player input'' seems to be the Systems event I deleted this component from the game engine and the warnings no longer appeared, however the menus and the sound do not appear.

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    Event System that assigns in the menu manager.

  • Don't remove any components from AC's GameEngine - that will cause AC to break.

    You likely don't need to assign a custom EventSystem prefab in the Menu Manager, but you will still need to ensure only one is present in the scene.

    Remove the EventSystem from the scene file, and unset the prefab field. AC will spawn its own automatically. If the warnings persist, check the Hierarchy to locate the second EventSystem it's detected. Check to see if the other asset involved is adding this second EventSystem by itself as well - if so, it may need modifying to prevent this.

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    I discovered that the player had the EventSystems component, I removed it and it worked, no more warnings appear.

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