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Flipping custom animations (Spine)


So I got "pick up" animation and it's played in fixed direction that it was animated. I checked the box "Flip custom animations" and set frame flipping to "Left Mirrors Right" and nothing changed. If I understand correctly this is for different types of animation is there work around for Spine?



  • This is with this script on the wiki? I'll attempt a recreation.

  • Hi Chris, yes this is the one, thank you!

  • I've had a look, but I can't see an issue.

    Sorry if it sounds stupid, but is it a case of instead needing to be set to "Right Mirrors Left"? I'll concede the wording is a bit confusing.

    Otherwise, share images of the Actions/Inspectors involved and I'll try to spot what's what.

  • Sure, I will share shots and footage.

    So here you can see my inspection, action list:


    action list

    And video result of changing mirroring:

    left mirrors right

    right mirrors left

    I wouldn't be surprised if I missing something simple :# .

    Thank you Chris for making this dev kit and chewing up every little thing, appreciate it.

  • The Object: Animate Action isn't showing its full Inspector - can you re-assign the Player prefab and share it again?

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    Got you, hope it's what you meant

    action list

  • You need to check Add directional suffix?, so that the animation becomes "pick up_L" / "pick up_R" depending on their direction. The frame-flipping settings will then be able to kick in.

  • Thank you Chris for helping me out. It works now, although for a different reason :neutral:

    Soooo I automatically checked "Face after moving?" in "Use interaction" and basically that was the reason why it always played animation in 1 direction.

    Good note for future to check inspector of interactions.

    Thank you Chris for your help.

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    Hi there,

    I had a similar question so I decided to ask here (hope that's alright, sorry).

    I want to have custom flip animation when the Player turns left and right, is this possible?
    Now the Player instantly turns left and right (by Left mirroring the Right), I just wanted to make it more juicy by having a custom flipping animation, to actually show the Player turns.

    I'm also using Spine animations without any issue, everything works fine using this (Sprites Unity as Animation engine), I will create a full tutorial later, it's really easy and handy, I can even use Timeline which is very useful.


  • For turning animations, you'll need to rely on the "Sprites Unity Complex" animation engine - as this offers much more control over what the way your character is animated.

    This mode relies on Animator parameters, e.g. "Move speed" float, "Facing angle" float etc, which AC will set automatically based on the character's motion. It's then a case of using these parameter values to create transitions to suit your needs.

    For example, if the character's "Direction integer" is 1 (i.e, left-facing) and this changes to 2 (i.e. right-facing), you could have this change result in a transition to a "turn right" animation before playing the right-facing idle/walk animations.

  • Thank you so much for this, I have changed Unity Sprites to Sprites Unity Complex and spine animations are still working. Just need to study the Demo 2D Brain prefab more to understand the details.

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