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Inventory Game Object Shows up every time Scene loads

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I have read 3 other discussions in this forum. I have seen also two tutorials in which the Remember Hotspot and Remember Visibility have been used...
But i can not see why i can not make it work...
Here i thought providing a video could show more ...
The Key is added to inventory and it is just one key and not possible to add multiples.
Hotspot and Interactive boundry are child to the Key(Game object) (Most of time i do this to make moving the item easier)



  • What is your AC version, and what Actions are you running when the key is taken?

    It is possible to reduce the number of Remember components involved by instead teleporting the "key GameReady" object out of reach, and then just attach a Remember Transform component.

    However, if you're running Hotspot: Enable or disable and Object: Visibility Actions, then it does look like the objects in the video should save correctly.

    If you save the game before and after taking the key in two separate save slots, open up the Save-game Manager at the top of the Settings Manager. Select the saves to view their data, and scroll down to the scene data for the scene in question. Take screenshots and share them here - I'll see if they shed any insight.

  • :(
    My AC version was 1.75.3
    right 5 minutes ago i thought lets update my AC ...and updated to 1.76.1
    Now all My project is strangely changed....
    Some of UI apear just at the start without pressing key...
    My player stars jumping all over the place instead of walking....
    :s :s :s :s :s
    Unity 2020.3.30f1

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    I have a downloaded folder of AC 1.75.3
    Can i install it back and make my project run again?
    I just tested a new scene in the 1.76.1 Version and it seems sneak walk and also other costume codes you have previously provided to me to use are not working in this version at all. :s

  • Always be sure to back up your project before changing AC version. If so, you're free to downgrade to the earlier AC version.

    Have you reverted your game's Managers back to your own after the update process?

  • I did nothing and when i saw the game does not load properly again. i just quited Unity without Saving....

  • See the Manual's "Updating Adventure Creator" chapter for details regarding this process - if you didn't switch back to your own Managers after updating, that is the most likely cause for issues - though they can be switched back to after quitting and re-opening Unity.

  • It seems my game is ruined now...
    Sorry for myself could not imagine upgrading will damage my whole game...
    The player now starts to jump and float with no control by WASD...
    A UI menu which you have helped me to create for specific reason starts to show up as the game starts...
    It seems many things are just in place but some important things are out of my control.

  • I go read the manual... thanks

  • Don't worry - if you are having issues, I am here to help. It's very likely that your issues can be recovered from, but I will need them detailed here in order to help.

    You're welcome to create a new thread with screenshots/details of your issues, and I will help you get things back on track.

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    I did nothing exactly... but i can not understand it...
    "if you didn't switch back to your own Managers after updating, that is the most likely cause for issues - though they can be switched back to after quitting and re-opening Unity."
    also i could not understand well the "Updateing Adventure creator" section ,, which i have just read

  • I will do ... thanks sorry

  • Essentially, each game made with AC relies on its own set of Managers (Settings, Inventory, Menu etc). These Managers are asset files created automatically when you used AC's New Game Wizard (see this tutorial).

    You can see which Managers a game is using by looking at the top of the AC Game Editor window - each Manager tab has an "Asset file" field that lists the active Manager asset currently loaded.

    When updating AC, the Managers loaded ino the AC Game Editor window will revert back to the defaults - i.e. those of the 3D Demo game. For example, the loaded Settings Manager will be set to "Demo_SettingsManager" etc.

    After updating, you can either manually change these asset files one-by-one back to your own - or just double-click the "ManagerPackage" file that the New Game Wizard also created for you. This file sits beside the "Managers" folder in your Project window that contains your game's Managers.

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    Should i just change this? or do you think i must make the new discusion subject ?

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    Yes, you can switch it there to "Forood v1_SceneManager" if that's the correct one - as well as for the seven other tabs.

  • Wow, Chris!!!!
    Thank you ... Yesterday i was so depressed and was thinking how to start the game over for the fourth time and how to find time and inspiration to do it again...
    Now You made me So So happy.
    Ignorance is source of fear. It is right. I experienced it And how funny it seems now you shed some light...

    This discussion is gone far from its subject. Would you remove our unrelated texts or the whole conversation to avoid others waste time ??? so i can get back on point? or should i just continue with my own problem about Remember visibility???

  • No problem!

    Let's leave the posts here - as they may be useful to others with similar issues - but let's continue on from my first reply in the thread, and see how the Save-game Manager looks.

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    wooops I am back...
    I just noticed that i am not useing visibility but Add remove Object and Also EnableDisable Hotspot. which might be the reason i see no effect.
    but i also made all screenshots ready
    here they are:



    I have some scenes and a kind of central Scene which the player goes out and back so i need to be able to have tha player go through this scene switches without using the User's Save Slots...


  • Hi again
    Knowing that i was wrong ...
    I used Remember transform and Teleport Object
    as you see
    I also show you my Action list...
    In my main scene all things work great.
    Also the Key is now seems to be fine,,,

    If this method is not making any problem or does not make the game so Heavy ... i will go with it...

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    Here I understood I must also Add a parameter "Marker for Transport" so i can use the same action list in many Scenes...
    But Is the Marker a Game object or an Unity Object ??? I feel it is necessary , since when i use this action list in other scenes i get a strange loop of Animate Clip but no Teleport happens.

  • If this method is not making any problem or does not make the game so Heavy ... i will go with it...

    Teleporting the GameObject is generally the way to go, yes. It's lot easier than removing it from the scene completely, as you otherwise have to deal with re-spawning it when loading an earlier save.

    But Is the Marker a Game object or an Unity Object ???

    It's a GameObject. "Unity Object" refers to asset files that can't be added to the scene Hierarchy directly.

    When mapping a GameObject parameter, the GameObject assigned will need to be present in the scene at the time the ActionList is run.

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