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Input System integration creates many errors

Hello, when importing the Input System integration into a project containing AC, 61 errors are thrown mentioning duplicate definitions like the first one : "Assets\AdventureCreator\Downloads\Input System integration\Scripts\Controls.cs(702,23): error CS0102: The type 'Controls' already contains a definition for 'PlayerActions'".
Isn't this integration supposed to work quickly with just a prefab ? The readme doesn't mention much more than this. I'm using Input System 1.4.4, Adventure Creator 1.76.1 and Unity 2022.1.23f1 but also had the exact same issue with Unity 2021.3.10f1.


  • Though I can't recreate the issue, it sounds like it's to do with the Controls asset's generated script.

    Try deleting the Controls script in question (inside the package's Scripts folder), and then regenrate it from the top of the Controls asset's Input Actions window. You can bring up this window by double-clicking the Controls asset in the package's root folder.

  • Thanks, the controls script is indeed the source of the issue, removing it clears all the errors and the integration can be used without it. However I did not find that regenerate option in the input actions window, only the "Generate C# Class" bool at the top of the inspector window when clicking on the input action asset. Ticking it off and on and using apply changed nothing, the errors were back when regenerating the script.

  • Thanks for the details - I've managed to recreate this now.

    It looks like it's a case of Unity requiring the Controls script and asset to be in the same location - and creating a duplicate of the script if this is not the case.

    I've updated the package file with one that has them both in the same folder. Try deleting the package's directory and downloading/importing the updated package.

  • Yes, it works directly with no errors now ! :)

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